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Buddhist Monasteries In Bihar:

Bihar is the place where 2500 years ago, under the Bodhi Tree of Bodh Gaya, prince Gautama attained enligtenment and became Buddha - 'one who is awake'. Today, this state of India is an important destination for Buddhists around the world. The town of Bodh Gaya, in particular, is one of the four holy places (others three being Kushinagar, Saranath and Lumbini) where Buddhist pilgrims flock in large number to pay their respect to the great Lord who renounced all wordly pleasures to know the truth of life.

In this holy town of the state, apart from the Bodhi Tree and Temple, there are a number of Buddhist Monasteries that make for a worthwhile visit during your Buddhist tour. Most of these monasteries - Japanese Monastery, Thai Monastery, Tibetan Monastery, The Chinese Temple and Monastery and the Buddhist Temple of Bhutan - have been constructed by Buddhist monks in association with the government of their respective countries ( Thailand, Bhutan, China, etc.,). Visiting them will give a glimpse of the influence that Buddhism has had in these countries. Moreover, the architectural variety you will get to see once you vist these monasteries will leave you completely spellbound.

This section provides you detail on all the important Buddhist Monasteries of Bihar. You have details on their location as well as their importance. Also, information on the festivals celebrated in these individual monasteries give you an idea as to what will be the best time to visit the monastery (not to say that other time of year are not good for visiting). Buddhist atttractions around that can be clubbed together to make the visit more fruitful are also given.

So, go through this section and and know more about each of these monasteries. And, if you are visiting Bihar, make it a point to visit these monasteries.

Famous Buddhist Monasteries in Bihar