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The erstwhile summer capital during the British Rule and the present capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the popular tourist hill destinations in India. The city of Shimla with its many scenic spots is a destination where one can find peace and contentment. The landscape of the region is gifted with some of the choicest natural resources which include dense forests, cascading water falls, towering mountain ranges, picturesque apple orchards and valleys with colorful flowers. Tourists will also find a wide range of activities while vacationing in the Queen of the Hills, such as adventure sports, shopping, fairs and festivals along with the sigh-seeing tours. Shimla being a popular tourist destination presents a variety of accommodation options. Some of the most preferred are the budget hotels near Mall Road, the 3 star hotels and the honeymoon hotels & suites.


Gaya is located at a distance of 105 km from Patna in the state of Bihar. Buddha Gaya is located 7 miles south of Gaya and is one of the well visited Buddhist pilgrimage centers of the Indian subcontinent.

  Bodhgaya Revitalised

Since 1953, Bodh Gaya has been developed as an international place of pilgrimage. Buddhists from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Tibet, Bhutan and Japan have established monasteries and temples within easy walking distance of the Mahabodhi compound. The site of the enlightenment now attracts Buddhists and tourists from all over the world. At any time during the cooler months between December and March, a visitor to Bodh Gaya can observe a continual stream of Indian and international pilgrims walking the roads or arriving in buses, circumambulating the temple, performing prostrations and offering prayers in a multitude of languages. For those who aspire to awaken their full potential, Bodh Gaya today is truly a field vibrant with the potentiality of enlightenment. Enriched by devotion of Buddhists of all traditions, this holy site is emerging as a powerful inspiration to the modern world, awakening people of all nations to the real possibility of enlightenment.
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