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Air Travel Tips

Can I get an advance seat assignment? How do I cope with dry air on the plane? What do I do if I am afraid of flying? ... Although there may only be one or two airlines operating the route you want to fly, that doesn't always mean you have to pay the full advertised rate on the airline's website. There are all sorts of reasons other tour operators or agents might be able to sell you the same flight for significantly less money. As the airlines have the best view on the current state of bookings, they're more inclined to keep their seat prices higher for routes where they know they're likely to sell out with high demand for last-minute reservations (this is especially true for popular business routes). The best way to ensure you're getting the best deal is to compare flights for your chosen route using a site like Cheap Flights, which has access to deals from airlines and tour operators.

Bus Travel Tips

How can I get the best price on a bus ticket? Who is responsible for my luggage? Where are the best bus seats located? ...
- Ask about the vehicle in which you will be traveling. Is there enough room to get up and move around? Are the windows big enough to see out? Will you be stuck in a middle seat? Is entering and exiting the vehicle easy? While a 15-passenger van is lower to the ground than a bus, they don't offer safe and easy entry and exit. They require a stepstool and don't have assist handles. Their side aisle is narrow and not suitable for overweight passengers when moving to the rear of the bus. You might get put in a middle seat, which makes it difficult to see out of their smaller windows or to move around.

Car Rental Tips

What should I check for when I pick up a car rental? Who should I tell about damage? Do I need an international driver's license?
- It's now easier for travelers to compare car rental rates using the Internet. Spend some time in researching different car rental companies and use third-party review sites to get an opinion of companies from previous customers. However, before you commit to any company, make sure you read their terms and conditions first. You don't want to have any nasty surprises the day of your travel. Check their insurance and deposit policy. It's possible for some companies to charge non-refundable insurance fees if you don't read the fine print.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips

A Bus Driver May be Better than a Concierge! - Make friends with any regular bus drivers around your hotel. They're better equipped to make suggestions than most concierges, and are very familiar with local customs/secrets. A good public bus driver can make an entire vacation!
Good Tip for Storing your Suitcase
- From my own personal experience of travelling and staying in a foriegn counrty for a long period of time, storage for your suitcase can come in very handy! It can free you up to roam and explore the city a lot easier and safer if your luggage is stored in a secure self-storage unit. Do your research and Google self-storage in the city where you will be staying. Be warned that some of the big companies such as Big Yellow ( will be quite expensive, mainly because of their 24-hour access. However if you do your research, you can find cheaper places that may only be open normal office hours - this wasn't a problem for me when I used it. When I was staying in London I used Henfiled Storage ( in south London. Very cheap and they collected my stuff for free.
A Great Way to Hide Valuables
- Passport security socks give you a great way to hide valuables. They come in different sizes and heights, from ankle socks to over-the-calf styles. A zipped pocket can hold cash, passport, keys, and other small valuables. Some styles even protect from swelling by providing compression, and they wick excess moisture away from your feet to keep them comfortable and dry.
A Happy Face Encourages Good Treatment
- No matter where you travel, try to maintain an upbeat attitude and do everything with a smile. It works much better than a confrontational manner. You are likely to receive better service and more bargains than fellow travellers who act like know-it-alls and treat people like servants.

Air Medical Transport May Not be Covered by Your Current Insurance
- When you plan on traveling more than 150 miles from home, you can purchase a yearly membership for air medical transport. If you are hospitalized, your private insurance may or may not pay to have you transported to a hospital in your home city.

Packing Tips

What can I do with bubble wrap? Facial wipes? What should I get rid of before I travel? What is suitcase nesting? What can I do with newspaper bags?

Regional Travel Tips

- Always look for coupons when you are planning your travel and booking online. No matter whether its Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, or even a small travel agency, you can usually find a promo code or coupon somewhere on the Web to knock off a decent amount. In some cases, you can get an extra night free or great gifts by just taking a few extra seconds to go to Google and search for, in my case, 'Orbitz promotion code'. I took about $55 off of my three-day vacation to the beach.

Spring & Summer Breaks

- There are several companies that target campuses all over the United States, from high schools offering senior grad packages to college spring breaks. Some companies are legitimate, some are not. Here are some tips to help make that much anticipated trip your dream vacation!
Choose your location wisely. Make sure you won't be vacationing in land mines, on toxic beaches, storm damaged areas, or in some vast wasteland touted as the next 'Riviera'. How long has the company you are choosing to purchase your package from been in business? Check recommendations if you can. How are the accommodations? Is it a chartered flight or major airline? Meals provided? What is the food like? By all means, check the National Travelers Association or Better Business Bureau for filed complaints. What exactly will you get for your money? Don't just look at that colorful brochure and 'general information' insert. Ask for the exact contract you will be signing and scour the details. Look for hidden costs like late processing fees and hotel security deposits. There will be some! Ask if there is lost baggage insurance provided by the vendor? Are there 'Travel Delay' reimbursements? Emergency medical coverage? How much is included? Does this include dental? How much medical transportation coverage? Are there 24-hour assistance services?

Vacation Rentals

Should I book my rental through an Internet site - or directly with owners? How do I get the keys to my vacation condo unit? ...
1) Once you have decided on the country you will be visiting, try searching for some villa rental sites that only list properties in that country. Very often, such sites will have genuine first-hand knowledge of any properties listed, rather than accepting any paid listing (as do many global rental sites).
2) Even better, seek out sites that are property-specific. In these cases, you will be dealing directly with the owners, and will therefore get the best possible rate. In addition, you will be able to gauge the speed with which the owner responds to you and the details given to you, allowing you to make a more valid judgment as to how that particular property is run.
3) Ask the villa owner about domestic travel. An owner is often the best placed to give you insider tips to keep your travel costs down.

Vacation Rentals

Where can I find a cybercafe? Where can I find accommodations?
- Do you like to remember the folks back home with a postcard while you travel? Find a cyber cafe and then travel online to a cyber postcard or greeting card site. You can choose pictures or graphics, compose a personal message, and then send your handmade creation via the internet. Voila - the receiver gets an e-mail notification that your postcard is ready for pick up. By going to the link in the e-mail message, the recipient(s) will be able to view your postcard online.
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